18. August 2011 9:35

New from Boiron: Streisand C200™

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The French-based homeopathy multinational Boiron has always been seen as an innovator. More than a decade ago the company had sponsored the research by Jacques Beneviste, who in 1997 made headlines with the announcement that his team had successfully transmitted antigen information over the phone.

Now Boiron seems ready to take a definite quantum leap in the field of information transfer: They recently presented a substance, which they had secretly developed in their own labs: Streisand C200™ – named after the famous homonymous effect.

With Streisand C200™, whose mother tincture was derived from dander collected from Barbra Streisand at full moon, the transfer of information can be potentiated almost indefinitely. Two to three globules suffice to make information, which emerged at a single location to become globally available.

The Boiron researchers decided to carry out their first field study on a blog article. They dispersed two freshly pressed globules onto a printout of the text «Omeopatia: mito e leggenda» by the Italian blogger Sammele Riva – and the information was potentiated with only lithe delay. Riva’s statements were soon to be found in the British Medical Journal, sciencebasedmedicine, boingboingbutterfliesandwheels, skepticnorth, expatpaul and aboutkitty – to name just a few English language sources.

Chairman of the Administrative Board Thierry Boiron is confident that with Streisand C200™ in their portfolio they’re winning the race against the competition by more than just a nose.

Read this blog post in German.

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